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We Offer Audio Jammer that deals with Non-transmitting Devices. i.e. Recorders, Dictaphone, A/v SPY Camera, GSM Bugs, Transmitters, Microphones etc.

Microphone Blaster puts an end to end Audio Surveillance Capabilities.


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Could Some Be Listening You?

Bugs can be tiny devices that may be hidden in furniture, inside a radio, TV, speaker, book, vase or almost any item within the office. They can also be disguised and can take the form of an electrical outlet, a pen, a calculator, a clock, a lamp or even a picture or a mirror on a wall.

It’s hard for untrained individual to determine if they are being bugged.

Many corporations use expensive outside cleaning services who have unescorted access to executive and c-suite level employees and offices.



Microphone Blaster is comprehensive solution for elimination of any audio surveillance tool.

The solution uses special technologies that disrupting any attempt to record its surroundings.

The system uses special sound pressure! (Acoustic radiation pressure) that human ear cannot hear but it takes over the speaking sound.

Microphone blaster aim at worldwide business and government headquarters and management office, meeting room etc. in which a sensitive or classified conversations are held