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Could Some Be Listening You?

Absolutely! If you believe that an eavesdropper requires a large, complicated transmitting device, or that listening device are only used by secret government agencies, or that the device cost thousands of dollars, you are wrong!

  • Bugs can be tiny devices that may be hidden in furniture, inside a radio, TV, speaker, book, vase or almost any item within the office. They can also be disguised and can take the form of an electrical outlet, a pen, a calculator, a clock, a lamp or even a picture or a mirror on a wall.
  • It’s hard for untrained individual to determine if they are being bugged.
  • Many corporations use expensive outside cleaning services who have unescorted access to executive and c-suite level employees and offices.

The solution

Microphone Blaster is specially designed for hidden and covert protection of conversation from listening and recording of confidential information on devices with microphones such as smartphones, Dictaphones (include professional and digital), radio microphones, wired microphones.

Microphone Blaster creates a noiseless powerful barrier to the microphones in modern phones iPhone, Samsung and others, as well as advanced voice recorders: Edic mini etc., which absolutely does not disturb to listen companion but make not possible any audio recording.

Due to such interference the conversationon the record transforms into the noise, therefore cannot provide the useful information.


  • Microphone Blaster is comprehensive solution for elimination of any audio surveillance tool.
  • The solution uses special technologies that disrupting any attempt to record its surroundings.
  • The system uses special sound pressure! (Acoustic radiation pressure) that human ear cannot hear but it takes over the speaking sound.
  • Microphone blaster aim at worldwide business and government headquarters and management office, meeting room etc. in which a sensitive or classified conversations are held
  • This market makes use of counter surveillance expert and equipment to avoid unauthorized bug transmissions and wiretapping, however missing an effective counters recording means.
  • Microphone blaster providing jamming for both unauthorized recording as well as bug problems.
  • The solution deals with any kind of audio devices and microphone during conversation or meeting and increasing privacy.

Key benefits

  • The only solution that deals with non-transmitting devices.
  • Deal with any kind of analog / digital recording device including bugs, tapes, smart phones, remote controller devices and any other surveillance tool.
  • Cost effective solution for sensitive sites, meeting rooms and governmental facilities.
  • Fully automatic and unnoticeable for human ear.
  • The system enables to perform phone calls during to operation (when phones speaker is not on use)
  • Microphone blaster puts an end to audio surveillance capabilities.